8 TED Talks People Working in Sales Must Watch

Sales and marketing teams are the driving force behind any business. A glitch in either teams’ performance can bring the whole firm down. That’s why companies spend money as well as time hiring the right candidate. If you are someone who aspires a career in sales or a salesperson looking to expand your horizons, either way, here are 8 TED Talks that you much watch: Rory Sutherland: Life Lessons from An AD Man Roy Sutherland shares his idea of how the value of anything is relative. Based on his years of expertise in the advertising field, Sutherland expresses that “all value is a perceived value.” Though it is a familiar concept that is often ignored or forgotten, Sutherland’s talk is a valuable reminder for people working in sales and marketing. Jack Vincent: [...]

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The Most Common Mistakes People Make While Purchasing Mailing Lists

  A good marketing campaign depends mainly on your targeted audience and the way you communicate with them. This is where the importance of having an accurate, quality data list comes into play. E-mails have become an efficient way of communicating with potential customers for businesses world-wide. So, the mailing lists you acquire must be what you need to drive the business forward. Nevertheless, it should be noted that getting the right mailing list depends on several factors. And those unaware of these factors tend to make mistakes that can cost them dearly.    So, here are some of the common mistakes people make when purchasing mailing lists:   Not enough research The first and most widespread mistake people do is not conducting proper research. Research is vital for any process, and before you make [...]

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Factors to Consider While Purchasing Mailing Lists

Data lists have become a key ingredient in determining a firm’s success, along with other marketing factors. And since it’s a crucial investment, you must conduct thorough research and educate yourself on the same. Educating yourselves of the benefits of buying a targeted mailing list will help you to acquire the right list that serves all your needs. Remember, that a wrong mailing list can cost you heavily in terms of time, money, and goodwill. So, here are all the factors you need to consider when making the purchase:  Know your target audience and their attributes Before you start shopping for mailing lists, you must define and understand your target audience. Knowing your audience will help you narrow down the characteristics of the data you need and get you the right [...]

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