Data Enhancement

Data enhancement is the process by which we add records to your existing database of marketing contacts. With the new contacts in your database from B2B Global Access, you will have a larger percentage of contacts that are actually looking just for your brand.

By enhancement, we also mean increasing the percentage of profiles that are interested in the kind of products and services you have to offer, even if they have not visited your website or store.


What we do for data enhancement

  • Multi-level market research
  • Field and file-level verification
  • Data consistency check
  • Record addition
  • Field addition

Your database can be expanded as many times as you wish. However, in order to keep its monetizing power at the highest levels, we recommend you enlist your marketing data for verification and re-verification on a regular basis. That said, data enhancement itself can be a perpetual process for successful businesses confident in catering to a fast-growing clientele.

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