Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is great due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to drive high conversion rates no matter what the business is. But, like any marketing strategy, the right technique of execution is the key. So, before you dive in deep, here are 15 best email marketing practices that you absolutely need to know:

Welcome emails

Welcome email is a little step that goes a long way. Sending a welcome email to anyone who subscribes to your mailing list is a token of your appreciation for their loyalty towards the brand. Now, when it comes to website visitors, there are a number of ways to prompt them in joining the mailing list, one way is to offer them discounts. A promise of discount engages the consumer as well as motivates them to become a part of the brand.  


As like any aspect of marketing, digital marketing campaigns perform best when they are timely and relevant. Relevance of a campaign depends on how it has been customised to mirror the customers’ interests. You can personalise the email campaign in a number of ways, from inserting the customer’s name to segregating the subscribers into different mailing groups. 

Create a schedule and plan

Planning and scheduling are equally important when it comes to email marketing. So, when it comes down to sending a recurring newsletter to your email subscribers, you need to have a proper schedule in place. The schedule allows you to plan the content ahead of time and the customers will know when to expect the mail in their inbox. 

Consistent branding

Emails of course are a very personal way of interacting with the consumers to ensure brand appeal and awareness. Needless to say, the campaign will not work if the emails with brand communications and fun promotions have the same template. So, it’s important that typefaces, template design and signatories vary depending on the nature of mail. 

Optimize subject lines and preview texts

Now even though the message of the mail is the focus for consumers, the importance of writing a subject line and preview text is equally important. A well-crafted subject line and preview text creates a good first impression amongst consumers, motivating them to open the mail and read the message.  

Standardising Template dimensions

Even though the design of the template needs to change with respect to the nature of the mail, the dimensions have to remain the same. The ideal dimension for email templates would be 600px, if the length is too long there is a high chance that email service providers will shorten the content. 

View in browser

Inserting a ‘view in browser’ link at the top of your email resolves any issues that may exist as a result of truncated content. This way, in case the consumers are unable to see the complete content, they can click on the link that will connect them to the browser where they can read the message. 

Email optimisation

It’s no secret that everyone today has access to the world through their smartphones. Checking mails, creating checklists, shopping online, reading news, etc. are done on these pocket-friendly technologically advanced gadgets. The point of accessibility and ease alone makes it mandatory for marketers to think ahead and optimise emails for phones as well. So, ensure the mailing templates are mobile-friendly before you send it to the subscribers. 

Avoid spam

No one likes spam emails and spam traps can pose a real threat to email marketing. Did you know that hitting enough spam traps can block your complete email program? This will have a negative effect on your reputation, so it is vital that you avoid spam at all costs. Some of the best email marketing practices include keeping your subject lines clean, always adding a valid email address, functional unsubscribe link and permission reminder, among others. 

Confirm email subscription

Another way to avoid spam is to keep your mailing list clean, which means you should purchase mailing lists only from reputed firms and ensure that the information you collect through other digital marketing channels is accurate. And if anyone from the mailing list wants to unsubscribe, you should ensure that it’s actually done. Also suppress email addresses that bounce and avoid over-mailing anyone or any group.  

CTAs and important information

For an email to drive conversions, it’s necessary that you keep the content short, to the point and crisp. Inboxes are usually filled with all kinds of messages from different brands, so, what makes your email so special that the user would want to open and read it? For this reason, you should always make sure to highlight the main value of your proposition along with a clear call-to-action in the first section itself.  

Clean code

For those more familiar with email marketing and using more than a plug-and-play email solution, keeping the programme (HTML, CSS, etc.) clean, simple is the key. 

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is an aspect of digital marketing that you should never overlook, especially when you are sending out a large number of emails on a regular basis. Creating a QA checklist ensures that you avoid errors and send clean emails every time. 

Test and develop

Yes, there is a wide array of best marketing practices to choose from, but that should not stop you from coming up with your own strategies and testing them to check if they give the desired results. A good reason to develop your own email marketing strategies is that only you know what works best for you and your business. Testing the developed strategies will give you a clarity on what kind of emails yield best results and when, how to take the practice forward and what resonates with your target audience. 

Reports and keeping a track

To truly understand the kind of email marketing campaign that works for you it is vital that you keep a track of your email marketing campaigns and file reports without fail. Whether the campaign fails or succeeds, you will always learn something more which will help you come up with the best marketing practices that work for the brand.

Now, anyone well versed in marketing knows that these practices are just the tip of the iceberg and there is plenty where they came from. So always keep a lookout for more email marketing practices that you can help grow your business.   


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