A Note of Appreciation for Frontliners and Essentials Workers During COVID-19

B2B Global Access would like to express its gratitude for all the frontline healthcare workers who turn up to work every day to save the lives of COVID patients—putting their lives at risk. For wearing PPE suits for long hours that may not be comfortable to keep their patients healthy and safe.

We thank the police, firefighters, and other authorities for staying on the road for long hours to make sure we all stay safe inside our homes.

We thank supermarkets, grocery shop owners, and all essential food service providers for keeping their shops open and taking necessary safety measures though their profit margin is diminishing so that our plates are full.

If you know any frontline or essential service worker, thank them and ask if there is something you could do to make their lives easier. Prepare a playlist of songs that could soothe them, send a virtual hug, share ebooks with friends, get on a video call, or just leave a message that you are willing to help.

Thank you once again for your dedication and for serving our communities during this pandemic.