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Personal Information Notice

This is a personal information notice intended to inform you of the processing, collection, and sale of certain personal data or personal information. B2B Global Access is an organization that involved in direct marketing solutions via providing contact information of businesses and personnel. Our main customers are small to medium sized businesses trying to reach out to various business professionals marketing, sales, and recruiting. You may opt out of this database by visiting our privacy center at You may also request to access or review our privacy policy here. To know more about how we gather and use data, read below.

Categories of Personal Information Processed

B2B Global Access profiles executives of business organizations and professionals affiliated with the organization. We may have in record any or all of the below mentioned categories of personal information; past or current.

Name, Company, Address, Mobile Number, Telephone Number, Email, Job Description, Social Media URL, Job Responsibilities, Title, and Job Function.

Purpose of Processing

The main object of processing this information is to help our clients with direct marketing. This may be licensed to our customers for purposes such as marketing, recruiting, or sales. This can also be licensed to other organizations who may relicense it to their clientele for same purposes.

This data is provided to clientele or partners subject to restrictive license agreements that limit the use of this data to those specified purposes and forbids the unapproved transfer or use of this information. B2B Global Accesses’ customers can obtain this data by means of an account-based, password-protected access to our vast database. Subsequently, our customers may utilize this database to market their product or service.

Lawful Basis

B2B Global Access keeps the legitimate interest of itself and its clientele while conducting business. We are legally authorized to process personal information and allow our customers to utilize this information for direct marketing.


Subject to obtaining restrictive license agreements, this personal information may be provided to B2B Global Access’ customers, its partners, or its partner’s customers. The recipients are business organizations that have permitted to use this personal information for lawful marketing, sales, and recruiting. The terms of the license agreement of B2B Global Access can be reviewed at


B2B Global Access strives to provide accurate information to its customers. We verify the accuracy and refresh our database as frequently as possible. This helps to remove obsolete or inaccurate information. We, therefore, intend to process the information we possess about you so long as it is accurate or up until the point that you restrict us from processing it.

Your Rights

 At any point, you have the right to request B2B Global Access to provide to access to your personal information, erase your personal information, rectify or correct your personal information, restrict processing of personal information which includes restricting from providing it or selling it to any third party. As a customer, you also have the right to object to any data portability, data processing, or lodge a complaint with appropriate local authorities in your country.

Sources of Personal Information


B2B Global Access obtains its personal information from numerous sources, which includes but not limited to, publicly available data like Government Records, Websites, Customer Contributions, Third Party Data Providers, Telephone Interviews, Seminars, Conferences, Trade Shows Attendees, Webinars, Magazine Subscriptions, News Letters, Telephone Directories, Web Sources, Data Partners, etc. Information from several sources may be collated into a single record, and therefore, it may not be feasible to identify the source of any particular piece of information.

Who Are We?


B2B is a data solutions company that provides high-quality data solutions to clients globally. Our accurate email database permits our clients to fulfill their marketing goals like lead generation, social media marketing, etc.


We personalize our mailing lists that cater to your specific needs. In other words, if you require a healthcare mailing list, you’d receive only that and nothing else. Our accuracy in email database generation has helped us work with many world-renowned companies.


Benefits of working with B2B

  • Flawless Accuracy – Our services are high-quality and accurate, regardless of whether you choose data appending or mailing lists.
  • Exceptional Support – Our support staff is devoted to enthusiastically support your and your business. We are always striving to formulate a solution to your business needs.
  • Competitive Pricing – For the quality we deliver, the price tag is fair. We are reasonable and affordable.
  • Customized solutions – By digging into the specifics of your company, we assure you our mailing lists / marketing lists are customized to your business. Accuracy of the data within the mailing list is what we strive to deliver.
  • Knowledgeable Consultation – We are one of the best mailing list providers in the market. Our knowledgeable consultants can assist in figuring out the best path for your business and marketing goals.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Our track record has proven that we are one of the best mailing list companies in the market. B2B’s customers are always satisfied with our efforts and we strive to serve them even better in future.

B2B Global Access is located at 10101 W Sample RD, Suite #429, Coral Springs, FL 33065.

To opt out of our database or for additional information, please visit our website at


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