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I woke up one morning to realize that I was home alone.

At 12 years of age this was the pinnacle of freedom for me, but, something didn’t seem right. My parents were never the type to leave me alone at home. Instinctively, my breath shortened while my tummy felt weird. It was as if I could sense that something was wrong. I walk down the spiral staircase to be invited by nothing but a weird, distinctive stench that kinda smelt like leaking gas. Even at 12, my mum had taught me how to turn of the gas stove, so i rushed in the kitchen after falling down from jumping of the third step only to realize that the gas was off!

What could it be, I thought to myself while the stench reeled me towards it. As the stench got stronger, it could hear beeping. I went a few steps forward whist my body was shivering and my face was wrinkling up and notice sounds coming from the garage. I expect the worse and open the garage door to find my parents tied up to a pole that had a beeping device. It was what looked like a ticking time bomb. I burst into tears, wailing asking my mum what to do. They try to stop me as the beeping get louder. The beeping gets faster. It seems like there’s not much time left. The beeping has now consumed me, it’s starting to get uncontrollable… when all of a sudden… I wake up to the same beeping noise from my alarm.

​What’s the point of this?

Nothing but to tell you how captivating a story can be. Often times, content is ignored in the marketing mix. Interesting content can garner attention like kids to an ice cream truck. So let us have some of our talented, coffee loving souls churn up a piece or two.

Businesses that do not give content marketing the attention it deserves are missing out on a big opportunity — an opportunity to communicate their brand values to their customers.

Every business must have an unique voice. This tonality must communicate the brand’s message to the audience in all mediums. Even if it just a casual blog, a detailed whitepaper, a social media post, or an email, all communication should express the business vision.

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