Technology makes our lives easier, right? It has helped us simplify everything in our lives. From waking up on time to connecting with people across the world to working from anywhere, it’s been an absolute gamechanger. There’s not a field in the world where technology isn’t being used. Collaborative intelligence between man and machine is paving the way to a better tomorrow. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that many businesses are capitalizing on intelligent innovations and technologies.

Technologies are revolutionizing business processes in the U.S.A, it’s being leveraged to save money, time, and efficiently use the earth’s resources. Communication today relies heavily on technologies. Years ago we couldn’t imagine two people, who were miles apart, talking to each other but here we are, doing that and much more. Who could have foreseen that the world would evolve at such a scale within a short period of time?

Businesses have adopted technologies to stay ahead of the dynamic market, making it easy to carry-out specific business functions more easily, like marketing, finance, data analysis, project management, etc. But more importantly, the use of technology has strengthened our communication and helped us automate a lot of the processes involved.

Business agility can easily be achieved via digital transformation and having a digital workforce. Adopting technologies to stay agile in an ever-changing environment is the smartest way to go about doing business. Therefore businesses in the U.S.A are always on the lookout for smart innovations and tend-setting technologies.

So, if you are a technology company that builds innovative systems and software to help businesses, it’s important you connect with the right customers who seek your services. How do you do that? How do you connect with the right audience? Simple, by using technology email lists. What are technology email lists and how can they help you market your products more effectively? Read on to find out.

What is a Technology Email List?

An email list or database is a collection of contacts, to whom you would like to market your products or services. The information is collected via various means and includes details like email id, phone number, addresses, occupation, and so on. The contacts as well as the details included in the email list will vary according to one’s requirements.

Depending on the kind of technology you are selling or marketing, you can opt for a personalized email list that caters to your needs. Using a personalized list empowers you to reach out to a specific set of audience of your choice, reducing or eliminating your chances of spamming.

Technology email lists help you to effectively strategise and communicate with the right target audience, generating viable leads that are easy to convert. Which means you are able to close the gaps in your sales and marketing funnels with little effort, saving time for everyone involved and generating positive outputs. As opposed to spending time collecting and verifying information on your own, which is tedious and eats up your valuable resources, you can get a well-curated and accurate list to easily execute your campaigns.

Though strategizing and content of the message is important, it’s only effective if it reaches the people who are in need of your services. Technology email lists not only make your marketing initiatives more productive, but also help improve brand awareness. It helps strengthen the position of the brand in the market and gain a competitive edge over others.

You need your efforts to bear fruits, else it’s a waste of your time and energy. Not to mention the monetary loss that comes with failed campaigns. If you need value for money, going the extra mile with the aid of a reliable email list can be the best move you make. It would be wise to not underestimate what email lists can do for your business growth.

Types of Technology User’s Email List

Scaling up businesses and generating higher returns on investment is most entrepreneurs’ dreams. Yes, having a good sales and marketing team would get you there, but only if they have the right information. In today’s digital world where data plays a key role, having the right data is an asset. It will help you navigate the market with more efficiency and connect with the people who are in need of your service or product.

You can also reach out to people or businesses who are already using a technology similar to the one you are selling. Or you can get hold of new contacts who can benefit from using your technology and connect with them. Technology email lists are grouped into various databases depending on the type of technology and its functions or processes involved. Such lists are called technology user’s email lists where you will find contacts who are using a specific kind of technology. So, finding the right lists and connecting with the respective target audience becomes easy.

Types of technology user’s email list are as follows:

> Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mailing list
> Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) mailing list
> Cloud Computing Software mailing list
> Big Data mailing list
> Database Management System mailing list
> Accounting Software mailing list
> IT Management Software mailing list
> Business-Intelligence mailing list
> HR Management Software mailing list

You can use any of the above, based on which category your product or service falls into. The above listed technologies are experiencing huge demands across industries. If the technology you are offering belongs to any of the above groups, you should definitely play it smart and get the right mailing list. Opting for such lists can certainly give your business the leverage it deserves and boost your sales. See to it that the email lists you opt for are reliable; the data included should be relevant and accurate.

Steps to Get Technology Mailing Lists

If you are going to get technology email lists to support your campaign initiatives, there’s two ways to go about doing it. One option is to create an email list in-house, the other option is to purchase or rent an email list from a highly reputable vendor.

Creating email lists in-house is only an option if you have already executed a few marketing or sales initiatives in the past. And if you have data from the past campaigns, you would still need a team to help you validate the information you have. This process could take a long time. The steps involved are as follows:

Step 1: Refer to the past campaigns and get the list of contacts you connected with as part of those campaigns

Step 2: Copy-paste the list on an excel sheet, or a file format of your choice, with different columns for various details like contact name, phone number, mail id, occupation, software used, etc.

Step 3: Gather a team and start vetting the information collated either by calling them or reaching out to them on social media.

Step 4: Once the information is verified, the database is ready and you can use the same to run the campaign.

You can also reach out to potential prospects on social media as well as other channels and collect the details you need. But, there’s no guarantee as to how many would respond to your request.

On the other hand purchasing or renting lists is time-efficient; you can simply get a well-curated list from a reliable vendor based on your current requirement. The terms of usage will vary depending on whether you choose rent or purchase the email list. Purchasing an email list allows you to use the list indefinitely but a rented list comes with limitations. Here’s how you can go about availing an email list of your choice from a email list provider:

Step 1: Do your own research and find out the best email list providers in the market who can offer what you are looking for.

Step 2: Reach out to each email provider and get more information on the kind of lists they offer as well as the cost. Know all about the options available for you.

Step 3: Shotlist vendors based on the value-added features they offer and the price at which they do.

Step 4: Once you have selected the best vendor to support your cause, negotiate a price and get the list. Make sure you choose a vendor who has a good reputation, higher success rate, and offers quality leads. You can either rent or purchase one, depending on the need of the hour.

Make sure the list you receive is in a format that can be seamlessly integrated with the CRM software or system you use to run the campaign/s. This allows you to feed the data directly and initiate the campaign hassle-free.

Top 10 technology users email list in the U.S.A.

Over the years the market has experienced a rise in the number of people who use technology to foster business growth and agility. The kind of technologies adopted by businesses to help efficiently execute the processes involved has become a key factor in determining their success. And with many technologies available in the market, businesses have become choosy, as in they only choose those that are the most beneficial to them. Which is why, it’s crucial for you to reach out to the right technology users.

There are numerous technologies out there and new ones being created with added features, but there are a few that still tops the list like MS Office 365, SAP, Salesforce CRM, etc. Likewise there’s a huge demand for email lists of certain technology users. Here are the top 10 technology users email list in U.S.A:

– MongoDB users mailing list
– Python users mailing list
– Salesforce CRM mailing list
– Blockchain technology users mailing list
– SAP users mailing list
– VMWare users mailing list
– Oracle users mailing list
– DevOps users mailing list
– Tableau users mailing list

If you seek any of the above lists you are in luck because at B2B Global Access we offer these and more. Contact us to know more.

How will technology email lists be beneficial?

Technology email lists are critical if you are running or are part of a firm that designs and produces software or systems that can help other businesses. Technology email databases can really boost your business while offering other benefits too, such as the ones listed below:

Effective communication

Technology email lists help improve your communication with your target audience. You can study the contacts before sending them a personalized message. People today prefer email with personalized messages, motivating them to respond promptly.

Easy conversions

Effective communication is the key to boosting your sales and with the aid of technology email lists you can reach out to the right audience. Which means your chance of converting warm leads is higher.

Higher ROIs

The chances of getting high returns on investment (ROI) is better because the contacts you get from a vendor are opt-in leads. They have agreed to receive your promotional mails and therefore are already warm leads, which means it’s easy for the sales team to convert. More sales means more returns.

Higher response ratios

The more right people you engage with, higher the response ratio. This is a known fact. If the people you connect with are from your target audience, those who either seek or use the kind of technology you sell, it becomes easier to get positive responses.

Maximize output

Technology email lists are known to maximize the output from your marketing efforts. It helps you close the gap in marketing as well as sales funnels, so your effort is needed only to execute the campaigns. You don’t have to spend your valuable resources collecting or vetting leads, email lists do that for you.


Email lists are cost-effective, in the sense that it saves you more money. Though it may cost you to rent or purchase lists, you can do so staying within your marketing budget and experience your marketing efforts paying off more than your investment.

Best technology email list providers

It’s important you rent or purchase a reliable list from a reputable vendor. There are many technology email list providers that provide accurate contacts and B2B Global Access is one of them. In addition to providing authentic leads, the best vendors provide value-added features and services like the following:

Seamless integration

The contacts will be shared in a format that’s easy for you to integrate with the system or CRM software that you use for your campaigns. This helps you to use the leads for consecutive or different marketing campaigns any number of times.

Opt-in contacts

It’s important that the email list you purchase or rent contains contacts who have agreed to receive promotional emails for the particular product or service. Such leads are called opt-in, as they are opting for their contact info to be shared with you or businesses like yours. Having opt-in contacts means you are already halfway there, they are warm leads that can easily be converted to sales.

Round-the-clock assistance

Reputable vendors offer 24×7 assistance to their clients. If you have any queries or need further help with your email lists, you can contact the vendors. Customer care professionals and relationship managers will help you out the best way possible.

Privacy and compliance

All the contacts shared by the vendors via email lists are in accordance with privacy and data compliance laws. Which means you will not be violating anyone’s right to privacy and you can use the email lists to carry out your campaigns, worry-free.


Best vendors offer personalized lists that support your campaign initiatives. Personalized lists are created based on the target audience you seek to connect with for marketing your service or product. This way it’s easy for you to create personalized messages without beating around the bush.

Performing QCs

Vendors offer quality checks to save you the trouble of vetting the leads yourself. Whether you purchase or rent the contacts, be assured they will be accurate and reliable to use.

What is the best way to generate technology mailing lists?

Technology email lists are in huge demand given the current climate of rapid digitalization and business agility. You can either create an email list inhouse or you can opt to purchase/rent one that caters to your needs.

Inhouse mailing lists

Inhouse email lists can be created if you have already run several marketing campaigns or sales initiatives before. But, you will need to dedicate a few of your resources to carry out the task of creating technology email lists in house. Why? To ensure the data collated from previous campaigns is accurate and reliable to the point that it can be used to successfully contact the targeted individuals.

The process of creating an in-house email database can be tedious, eating a chunk of everyone’s time and effort. You will have to contact everyone whose data you have, just to ensure that the information is up-to-date. And, if not you will need to find other means to update it or you’ll have to lose the contact altogether.

You can also reach out to your potential clients via various online channels asking if they would be interested in your product and if yes, get their contact information. But, there is no guarantee you would get a positive response from everyone. Once you have got the information you need, you can collate it on an excel sheet or a file format that’s easy for you to feed into the system and use for campaigns.

Rented or Purchased mailing lists

Renting or purchasing an email list is the more favorable option as opposed to creating one in-house. Why? Because the data you get would be the most recent one, an updated and reliable email list, provided you get it from a reputable vendor.

If you are renting a technology email list, you might experience certain limitations in terms of its usage. You will not be able to unlock the full potential of an email list and can only use a rented one only a few times.

On the other hand purchasing an email list or database in the U.S.A can help you unlock a whole new world of email marketing and campaigns. Since there are no usage limitations, you can use a purchased database multiple times, to run different or same campaigns. So, you get your money’s worth when you purchase a technology email list. And you will receive the email list in a format that can easily be integrated with the system or software you use to run your marketing initiatives.

Which technologies are included in the technology users list?

The technology industry in the U.S.A. is expanding at an exponential rate and there is a rapid increase in the number of people opting for technologies. Businesses across industries are always on the lookout for smart solutions that can improve the efficiency of processes involved. Most processes and functions in the U.S. today run on technologies, if not entirely, at least partially.There are some key technologies that are revolutionizing businesses everywhere, thus there’s a high demand for them too. Here is a list of in-demand technologies that are included in the mailing list:

Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Machine Learning
Cognitive Computing
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
Full Stack Development
Edge Computing
Internet of Behaviors
Predictive Analytics
Salesforce CRM
Cisco Catalyst

The above mentioned technologies are just a few examples of what’s included. B2B Global Access aims to provide only the best, reach out to us if you too want to benefit from email lists.

Which all countries do technology users email lists cover?

B2B Global Access has lists that cover businesses around the world. Technology users email list we provide covers all countries, primarily being the U.S.A, U.K., Europe, and India.

How can this list help in marketing campaigns?

Email lists can help marketing and sales teams close leads in no time. They are an integral part of ensuring the campaigns run successfully and generate the intended results. They come with a host of perks for all involved, benefiting the businesses and consumers alike. Here are a few ways by which email lists help in carrying out marketing campaigns successfully in the U.S.A.

Reduce gaps in marketing funnels

Whether it’s marketing or sales funnels, there are several touchpoints that need to be dealt with before you can churn profit out of your campaigns. But email lists help reduce these touch points by giving you leads that are already potentially easy to convert. Thus reducing gaps in marketing funnels and helping the sales team focus on what’s important – generating sales.

Improve ROR

Rate of return (ROR) is important when it comes to determining a business’s success. It’s how one measures a firm’s profitability with respect to the investment made and the time it takes to make profit. A reliable and accurate mailing list helps businesses grow at an incredible pace, making the process time efficient.

Accelerate lead generation

Accelerating lead generation is a major benefit of using email lists. Why? Well, the email database you get will have opt-in leads, which means you can convert them with little or no effort from your side. This cuts down the time it would usually take for someone to generate and convert leads without email lists. Accelerated lead generation leads to higher ROR.

Optimum use of resources

Smart resource management is vital for any business and using email lists allow you to do just that. Procuring email lists can take a load of work out of your hands freeing up your resources that can further support your cause. You won’t have to collect leads or create databases or check their accuracy, the email list vendors would already have done that for you.

Are technology sales leads helpful for Marketing?

Of course they are! If anything, sales leads really help the marketing initiative to sail though the rough waters of the market place and reach out to potential buyers who are in need of your products. Viable sales leads are really helpful in getting you the most out of the marketing initiatives you have planned. Sales leads from email lists can really elevate your marketing or sales game, fortifying your endeavors.

Using email lists can help you communicate better, craft personalized communication to each lead you intend to convert. People in the U.S. really appreciate a personal touch to the messages they receive from you. The more personalized the message, the better, it gives them the impression that you value them and their needs. Personalized emails inspire engagement and response; people are more willing to engage and respond to mails if they are addressed to them directly.

You can leverage the email lists to make your marketing or sales process more time-efficient and cost-effective, saving your two most valuable resources. You don’t have to collate leads and information on your own, a vendor can do that for you. You also can stay within the approved marketing budget with the help of an email list and run multiple campaigns to yield the best results without worrying about spending more money acquiring leads. Purchasing email lists would be a great asset in all aspects.

Having sales leads accelerates lead generation, improves your rate of return, and increases the return on investment, guaranteeing profit and growth. Scaling up businesses seems more attainable and less of a hassle with sales leads. Reliable sales leads means higher chances of getting sales conversions and making a huge profit.

You don’t have to put in more effort than what’s necessary if you have accurate information on potential customers. And they will be delighted to hear from you since they have opted to share their info with you, therefore eliminating spamming all together. So, no effort of yours goes to waste. Every effort, every investment you put in bears fruit.

So, if you are someone looking to scale-up your business, getting sales leads or reliable email lists is the smartest option. Get them from a reliable vendor and you will never have to look back. The results will speak for itself. Now go play it smart, get your email list today and up those sales numbers.