9 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email listMarketers are used to hearing the phrase, “Email marketing is a tool of the past” or “Email marketing doesn’t work anymore. This has become a concern for the marketing departments of several companies. The truth, however, is that email marketing is alive and well, even in 2020.

The fact is, around 40% of B2B businesses claim that newsletters are imperative to their marketing success. Furthermore, over 70% of millennials prefer business communications to reach them via mail. The cherry on top for marketers is that 99% of consumers check their mail daily.

These statistics cannot be ignored, and so it is of utmost importance to a marketer to continuously grow their email list.

Steps To Grow Your Email List

Mentioned below are nine simple, effective ways to grow your email list:

  • Create quality content – Regardless of the tonality your business chooses to use, it pays to create quality content. This will intrigue people to subscribe and share your emails with their circle of peers. If it is oh very high quality, they may even eagerly await future emails from you.
  • Regenerate your email list – It’s been said that a marketing database diminishes by around 22.5% annually. Your email contacts continuously keep changing, especially if you’re a b2b business. Many consumers may opt-out of email communication, or they may have quit their job, causing the email address to be invalid, etc. You must continue adding new contacts to this obsolete list.
  • Create online contests – Social media is a great marketing tool in this modern era of business. It is an effective method for marketers to leverage this opportunity to gain email subscribers. Run a contest of sorts that requires the customer to subscribe to your mail list. A successful contest typically has some giveaway, be it in the form of physical products or cash discounts. Although it is not a free method to grow your contact list, it is undoubtedly an effective one.
  • Encourage sharing of your content – Simply adding shareable buttons will enhance the possibility of your content being shared. In turn, more people will get hold of your excellent content.
  • Develop bonus content – Create exclusive content for visitors to peak their interest. Begin with simple blog posts that offer a bonus or exclusive content for people who wish to subscribe to your mailing list. Not only will this help grow your mailing list but will also weed out any uninterested subscribers.
  • Add CTA buttons on your social media pages – Adding call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your social media pages is an underused list building technique. Link the button to a landing page that requires a customer’s email address for access.
  • Guest blog on other websites – Start developing blogs for other websites to expand your customer base. Loyal visitors of the website may take notice of your blogs and become potential subscribers. Remember to include a CTA on the blog to attract them to your website. Furthermore, it will allow you to perform better on search engines.
  • Trade show collection – This is a traditional marketing method wherein you visit trade shows, demonstrate your product, and collect in-person sign-ups. These shows are fantastic growth opportunities for businesses.
  • In-store collection – If you have a physical store, make sure to collect the email addresses of the walk-ins. You could also create a membership that requires them to sign up via email at the counter. This is an ingenious way to stay in touch with repeat customers and also reward them for their loyalty.

These are some steps that you can implement today to start growing your email list. Some of these methodologies are relatively simple to process. It is crucial to attack the issue from several angles. Therefore, don’t just stick to one point. Use several at once to see exponential growth in your email marketing list.

As you start growing your list, you can nurture them with offers or exclusive content to convert these leads to sales. Get in touch with our experts for personalised email marketing solutions. 

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