Enabling an NGO to find blood donors and volunteers to help healthcare institutions during the pandemic with our email lists 

Challenges  Blood shortage was one of the significant challenges faced in the healthcare industry. Almost all local hospitals, clinics, and private healthcare institutions during the pandemic needed blood. One of the challenges the client faced was finding, contacting, and convincing potential blood donors to participate in their upcoming blood donation drives.  The client’s traditional way […]

Getting Your Business Back On Track Post the Pandemic

While the government is tirelessly working on aiding businesses to recover from the pandemic’s ill effects, one cannot ignore the carnage that it has already caused in the last few months. Businesses are genuinely in a state of mayhem, with even some big multinationals having to let go of employees to cut down on cost. […]

9 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

Marketers are used to hearing the phrase, “Email marketing is a tool of the past” or “Email marketing doesn’t work anymore. This has become a concern for the marketing departments of several companies. The truth, however, is that email marketing is alive and well, even in 2020. The fact is, around 40% of B2B businesses […]

Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open and Click-Through Rates

The criteria to measure success in marketing are constantly wavering. It is therefore imperative to innovate and improve ways of connecting and creating relationships with customers. However, when it comes to email marketing specifically, the criteria to measure success remains the same; email open and click-through rates. Email Marketing Tips that can Improve Open and […]

Tips to Convert Visitors Into Leads

An orchestrated Strategy and valuable content make the visitors your leads. You are reading this because you know your website should generate more leads than it is doing. You’re right; the site is your lead generation asset. ‘Strategy comes before tactics.’ You need to know ‘What to do?’ and ‘How to do it?’ before actually […]

Email Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus

At current economic level, it would be naive not to acknowledge the financial downturn endured by businesses all around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. A dilemma such as this one has disabled supply and demand, and the world we once realized is at an inadequate overhaul. Therefore, currently marketers have to make smarter […]

Best Email Marketing Hacks

Is email marketing useful? You might be questioning yourself on this topic as most of the small business owners do. You must have learned many stats and case studies that can help in the significant growth of the company. You can experience the same with email marketing. So we have listed down the five email […]

Constant Marketing – Effectiveness of Constant Marketing

New digital channels and tools are developing and transforming the way we think and analyse things and situations. There have been exciting developments in how consumers learn about products and buy goods and services. It’s becoming critical for CMOs to have explicit knowledge of new technological platforms. Besides, marketing companies must emphasize more react to […]

A Note of Appreciation for Frontliners and Essentials Workers During COVID-19

B2B Global Access would like to express its gratitude for all the frontline healthcare workers who turn up to work every day to save the lives of COVID patients—putting their lives at risk. For wearing PPE suits for long hours that may not be comfortable to keep their patients healthy and safe. We thank the […]

5 Customer Email Communication Tips During The COVID-19 Crisis

At one point or the other, almost every business reaches a point where they have to address the customers, send emails, or release a statement during a pandemic such as the COVID-19 crisis. Drafting these emails can be quite challenging. More than ever, making your customers your priority and putting yourself in their shoes is […]