Best Email Marketing Hacks

Is email marketing useful? You might be questioning yourself on this topic as most of the small business owners do. You must have learned many stats and case studies that can help in the significant growth of the company. You can experience the same with email marketing.

So we have listed down the five email marketing growth hacks, and alike most hacks, these are useful and designed to manage results. Whether you need a more significant open rate, click-through rate, or more conversions, we will help you tackle any of the email marketing hacks on this list. You won’t repent it.

What and why we require growth hacks?

Let’s start by considering what a growth hack is. Most of the time, start-ups and small companies use growth hacks. These hacks are for those who don’t have ample budget or a lot of time to spend. But they need to undergo vital growth. That’s why they’re so valuable.

Small businesses and start-ups don’t have plenty of money to dedicate to the demands of developing their business, yet they want more consumers and higher revenue. These hacks help them survive and grow in the market. Though, any business owner in any grade of the company can use them.

Five Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Use social media sites

Social media unites beautifully with email if you understand how to do it correctly. For instance, if you have reliable social media followers, then you can rely on those fans to get extra email subscribers.

How? You can attract your customers by offering giveaways or discounts on social media that solely your email subscribers can take benefit of. You can share parts of your most successful emails on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It shows people what they’re yearning out on by not subscribing to your email list.

You could also add an email list subscription button on your Facebook Business Page or Instagram account. You can also do the reverse. If you have a great email subscriber list, but your social media accounts are lacking behind, you may be able to increase your engagement level by adding a Call-to-Action on your social pages.

Mobile optimization

According to Emailmonday, 58 percent of users begin their day by going through their email inboxes. Even before they’ve had their regular coffee, most people would wake up to see a bad-formatted email that is not customized for mobile. More than half of people using email access their emails on their smartphones. But if your messages are not mobile-optimized, you must change that. 

That said, don’t ignore the rest of your readers in the process. Sure, more than 50 percent of people today see their emails on a mobile device. What about the other approximately 50 percent? They still view email on their computer, the great, old-traditional way. Your site has to optimize for them as well.

Take some time to make your subject line powerful

Want to know another fast yet powerful email marketing growth hack? It’s all regarding your email subject line. We’re sure you already know how essential the subject line is. 

It’s your first and seldom last chance to make a cosmic impression on the reader. Personalization can be powerful, as can emoji’s in some cases, and all of it depends on the business type and your readers.

Send emails often

You might be kind of modest about your email frequency. After all, you’re a new firm, and you don’t aspire to turn users off by sending too many emails too often.

There’s a balance among sending too few and too many emails. Sending too infrequently makes users neglect you. Sorry, but it’s true. Without regular emails, it displays an out of sight, out of mind situation. Sending emails more frequently can lose some subscribers.

There are tons of stats about the time you should send the emails, what about how frequently? ECommerce automation service Omnisend, which targets small companies, says two to four emails monthly is the winning spot. In the end, we tell you to do what works well for your audience.

Rely on social proof

How do you perceive your leads converted to consumers and persuading those consumers to buy? You incentivize them with social proof, of course. Whether you carry press mentions, product reviews, awards, or testimonials, these all assist a significant sale.

They show you’re a valuable organization with goods/services worth buying. That can inspire even wary customers to take action eventually.

Wrap up

If your email marketing is lacking, any of the five email marketing growth hacks we listed, get assistance on how to improve them. We know you have much work to do while managing a small business, but giving time to advance your email marketing is worth it. You’ll see more growth and, thus, higher sales.