How to Generate Leads Online While You Are Working From Home

  There are numerous ways to generate leads online. Across the globe, sales professionals who do not have a fully-fledged and funded marketing team that gives them continuous leads are left with no other option than to generate it themselves— to meet their sales quota. Entrepreneurs with limited capital to invest in or low cash liquidity often put aside their marketing overheads due to lack of funds. Whether you are a sales professional trying to meet your goal to get that incentive, a marketing manager trying to launch a campaign to generate leads at an affordable price, or an entrepreneur of a start-up trying to get more sales, these tips will help you immensely.   6 Extremely cool, efficient, and cost-effective ways to generate leads online Online marketing and lead generation efforts were [...]

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Getting Your Business Back On Track Post the Pandemic

While the government is tirelessly working on aiding businesses to recover from the pandemic’s ill effects, one cannot ignore the carnage that it has already caused in the last few months. Businesses are genuinely in a state of mayhem, with even some big multinationals having to let go of employees to cut down on cost. However, on the bright side, there is still a certain degree of control that a business owner possesses that can help get their business back on track. Mentioned below are a few tips to help regain control over your business.   Seven ways to get your business back on track post Covid-19 Reinvent your business – Adaptation is key in sustaining a successful business. A business that efficiently adapts to the ever-changing external situations is one that is [...]

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9 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

Marketers are used to hearing the phrase, “Email marketing is a tool of the past” or “Email marketing doesn’t work anymore. This has become a concern for the marketing departments of several companies. The truth, however, is that email marketing is alive and well, even in 2020. The fact is, around 40% of B2B businesses claim that newsletters are imperative to their marketing success. Furthermore, over 70% of millennials prefer business communications to reach them via mail. The cherry on top for marketers is that 99% of consumers check their mail daily. These statistics cannot be ignored, and so it is of utmost importance to a marketer to continuously grow their email list.     Steps To Grow Your Email List Mentioned below are nine simple, effective ways to grow your email list: Create quality content [...]

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Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open and Click-Through Rates

The criteria to measure success in marketing are constantly wavering. It is therefore imperative to innovate and improve ways of connecting and creating relationships with customers. However, when it comes to email marketing specifically, the criteria to measure success remains the same; email open and click-through rates. Email Marketing Tips that can Improve Open and Click-Through Rates Use a creative subject line – The subject line is literally the first thing that your customer looks at, even before opening the mail. It makes sense then to put a substantial amount of energy into the subject line. A catchy subject line can be the difference between acquiring a customer and dirt being acquired on an unread email. Personalize your emails – Who doesn’t like their names being mentioned? Take time out to personalize [...]

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Tips to Convert Visitors Into Leads

An orchestrated Strategy and valuable content make the visitors your leads. You are reading this because you know your website should generate more leads than it is doing. You’re right; the site is your lead generation asset. ‘Strategy comes before tactics.’ You need to know ‘What to do?’ and ‘How to do it?’ before actually doing the task. A stunning landing page with a ‘converting funnel’ is all your website needs to grow and thrive. Planning the look and feel of the website strategically is necessary. How to attract visitors It would be best if you convinced them quickly. So, offer the best service to your visitors. You should know if your website fulfils its appeal and value, providing objectives. The architecture and look of your site are enough to please [...]

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