How to create a mailing list on Outlook

Modern digital marketing strategies have taken the light off email marketing. Many bloggers and relatively new marketers believe that this form is outdated and irrelevant. Contrary to what they think, experienced marketers know the importance of email marketing. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, and various groups of people can be targeted and marketed separately. One of the prerequisites for good email marketing is a reliable mailing list. This list will then have to be segregated into groups for effectively commencing email marketing campaigns. Here’s how you do this in Outlook. Newer Versions Click on ‘People’ located on the navigation bar Under the ‘My Contacts’ option, select a folder under which you wish to save your contact group Select ‘New Contact Group’ located on the ribbon Give your contact group a [...]

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How to make a mailing list in Gmail?

Gmail is a free email and communications tool for the most part. However, several features from this application are concealed from plain sight, namely, group contacts, email lists, and group mail. As a modern marketer, you have the opportunity to create several mailing lists and divide them into various groups. This would help you cater to different sets of consumers differently and would eradicate repetitiveness. Most mailing applications typically charge for this feature, but Gmail provides this free of cost. Nevertheless, this free feature has limitations but will not virtually affect small and medium-sized businesses. The cap for recipients per message in Gmail is 500 email addresses, while the message size is limited to 25MB. This will still allow a small to medium-sized business to have a relatively large email database. Mentioned [...]

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How to clean your email list without losing conversions

If you’ve been maintaining an email list for a while now, it inevitably gets a bit shabby over time. Marketers are often terrified to clean up this list as it involves removing addresses of potential customers. This article intends to help you revamp your current mailing list without having to lose conversions. What does cleaning an email list mean? Also known as scrubbing, cleaning your email marketing list is the process of eradicating inaccurate and inactive addresses from your database. You could set a time frame and scrub off your mailing list every 90 days, for instance. This also allows you to remove unsubscribed addresses if you haven’t already.   Risks of not cleaning your email list If an email list isn’t cleaned for a long duration, the list becomes bloated and sometimes even [...]

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B2B Marketing Trends to Help Your Business Grow In 2021

B2B marketing has undergone tremendous change over the last couple of years. Marketers have gone past cold calling and sales to content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Digital marketing is now the prime weaponry in a business’s marketing arsenal. This makes it crucial for B2B marketers to understand the trends that could be explored in 2021. Some b2b marketing trends to help your business grow in 2021 are as follows: Retention Marketing – It is well-known in the marketing world that retaining a customer is more cost-effective than earning a new one. Retention marketing is the process of maintaining customer relationships by offering products at lower costs. This essentially should result in higher marketing Return on Investment (ROI).   The benefits of retention marketing are twofold; a customer spends [...]

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5 Industries That Will Convert Risk Into Opportunity Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has adversely affected not only the health of individuals but also the economic health of the country. Economists speculate that the pandemic effect will prolong even in 2021. Businesses are facing liquidity issues, and the government is doing its best to rebuild the infrastructure to revive the economy. The recovery of the economy is expected to be slow, and many sectors have accepted this. However, many industries have converted this risk into opportunity. Some of the industries are mentioned below. 5 industries that will thrive in the “New Normal” Healthcare – The overall economic situation in the healthcare industry as a whole has risen dramatically post COVID-19. This includes sub-categories such as medical tourism, devices, clinical trials, medical insurance, hospitals, and healthcare technology. The healthcare sector is thriving and expected to do [...]

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