Emails Being Marked as Spam? 100 Keywords to Avoid Using

Spam Keywords to avoid

In today’s digital landscape, the challenge of ensuring that your emails reach your intended recipients’ inbox has become more complex than ever. Are your emails being marked as spam more frequently than you’d like? If so, you’re not alone. This blog delves into the crucial topic of identifying and avoiding spam keywords that can trigger spam filters and prevent your emails from reaching their destination. By understanding and implementing the list of 100 spam keywords to avoid that we have compiled, you can significantly enhance the deliverability and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Let’s explore how you can navigate the intricate world of email marketing and evade the dreaded spam folder by steering clear of these detrimental keywords.

Spam Keywords to Avoid

Below is a list of 100 common keywords and their variations we have compiled for you to avoid using in your emails:

  1. Dear (email/friend)
  2. Friend
  3. Hello
  4. #1
  5. 100% free/ satisfied
  6. Free (gift, hosting, info, investment, membership, money, preview, quote, trial)
  7. $$$
  8. Act now
  9. Apply now
  10. Do it today
  11. Please read
  12. Urgent
  13. Winner/ Winning/ You are a winner
  14. Become a member 
  15. Click below/ here
  16. Limited time
  17. Cancel at anytime 
  18. Congratulations
  19. Hidden charges
  20. No (catch, cost, credit check, fees, gimmick, hidden costs, interest, investment, obligation, purchase necessary, questions asked, strings attached)
  21. Not/ This isn’t junk
  22. Not/ This isn’t spam
  23. Ad 
  24. All new
  25. Bargain
  26. As seen on 
  27. Cards accepted
  28. In accordance with laws
  29. Luxury
  30. Marketing solutions
  31. Name brand
  32. Offer
  33. Internet marketing
  34. Terms and conditions
  35. Work from home
  36. Unlimited
  37. Make money
  38. Million dollars
  39. Lower rates
  40. Lowest price
  41. Get out of debt
  42. Full refund
  43. Expect to earn
  44. Fast cash
  45. Meet singles
  46. Additional income
  47. Be your own boss
  48. Double your cash/ income
  49. Giveaway
  50. Risk free
  51. Satisfaction guaranteed
  52. Save up to
  53. Special promotion
  54. New customers only
  55. Home based/ employment
  56. Will not believe your eyes
  57. Take action
  58. What are you waiting for?
  59. Lose weight
  60. Multi-level marketing
  61. Requires initial investment
  62. Undisclosed
  63. We hate spam
  64. Deal
  65. Debt
  66. Discount
  67. Fantastic
  68. Lifetime 
  69. Loans
  70. Luxury
  71. Score
  72. Search engine
  73. Online degree
  74. For just $XXX
  75. Have you been turned down?
  76. Boss
  77. Avoid bankruptcy
  78. Compare rates
  79. Big bucks
  80. Mortgage
  81. Why pay more?
  82. Pre-approved
  83. Freedom
  84. Dormant
  85. Hidden
  86. Leave
  87. Home
  88. Email harvesting
  89. The following form
  90. Subscribe
  91. Visit our website
  92. Medicine
  93. Online pharmacy
  94. Stop snoring
  95. Viagra
  96. Xanax
  97. 50% off
  98. Join millions (of Americans)
  99. Thousands
  100. If only it were that easy


Spam is annoying and dangerous. A reputable company would not want their emails to be considered spam and lose the trust of its audience. Checking emails to see if the general rules have been followed and checking for spam keywords are the key to increased deliverability.