Enabling an NGO to find blood donors and volunteers to help healthcare institutions during the pandemic with our email lists 


Blood shortage was one of the significant challenges faced in the healthcare industry. Almost all local hospitals, clinics, and private healthcare institutions during the pandemic needed blood. One of the challenges the client faced was finding, contacting, and convincing potential blood donors to participate in their upcoming blood donation drives. 

The client’s traditional way of handing out flyers and other offline promotional initiatives failed to get the required blood units. As the client is a non-profit organization, they did not have a robust technology solution. They lacked the technical architecture and marketing budget to achieve the desired results to help the community. Finding volunteers was another task at hand. The client’s current email list of volunteers and blood donors was outdated, with high bounce rates and low responses. The client did not have the infrastructure to expand the database. As the client was mostly into offline traditional marketing initiatives, the only online option they currently had was email marketing. Email marketing does not cost much, almost nothing at all. 

What did the client do next?

As the client did not have an updated mailing list and all contacts were outdated, they tried to build a newly updated email list with active contacts. Traditional ways of updating mailing lists, like opt-in forms, surveys, and contact forms at the supermarkets, did not get the client significant results. 

Eventually, the client contacted B2B Global Access to help them get an updated healthcare mailing list of potential blood donors in their target location. 

The Solution

B2B Global Access created an email list database of potential donors in the target location. The global database used by B2B allows us to filter the target audience using multiple fields. Some of the filters used to locate the target audience were: 

  • Name 
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Job title
  • Official email
  • Work experience
  • Postal address
  • Demographics
  • Revenue
  • Asset size
  • And other important fields 

This hyper-personalized email database helped the client reach potential donors who are healthy, fit the age criteria, and match the demographics of people who may be willing to donate. The client launched an email marketing campaign with two primary objectives:

  1. To Find potential donors
  2. To get more volunteers

The emails gave the recipient two call-to-actions—to be a donor or volunteer. As the mailing lists offered by B2B Global Access are affordable and were provided at a discounted price as the client is an NGO, the client did not have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve their goals. Furthermore, the client can use the mailing list provided by B2B to launch multi-channel marketing campaigns in the future. They can use the database to run social media promotions, Google Ads, and other online initiatives.

Business outcomes

  1. Email deliverability increased to >95%
  2. 86% increase in response rates
  3. 500+ blood donors participated
  4. 100+ volunteers registered 
  5. 1000+ units of blood donated