How to Generate Leads Online While You Are Working From Home

There are numerous ways to generate leads online. Across the globe, sales professionals who do not have a fully-fledged and funded marketing team that gives them continuous leads are left with no other option than to generate it themselves— to meet their sales quota.

Entrepreneurs with limited capital to invest in or low cash liquidity often put aside their marketing overheads due to lack of funds. Whether you are a sales professional trying to meet your goal to get that incentive, a marketing manager trying to launch a campaign to generate leads at an affordable price, or an entrepreneur of a start-up trying to get more sales, these tips will help you immensely.  

6 Extremely cool, efficient, and cost-effective ways to generate leads online

Online marketing and lead generation efforts were given due importance even before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic induced lockdown mandated many companies to adapt to the new normal and make arrangements for work from home for their employees. As people understood the density of the current crisis, many voluntarily preferred to work remotely to stay safe. 

During this time, as many companies collaborated using online tools and relied on technology to remain productive and efficient, marketers globally found exciting ways to generate leads online. 

Though marketers were aware of most of these methods, in theory, they did not have the time to implement it or often shrugged it off as insignificant. This lockdown brought all the marketers back to their basics and reminded them that methods that were considered negligible have the potential to generate good leads. 

Use the power of social media networking: Social media is a great channel to generate leads. Though marketers know the benefits of having a strong social media presence, very few use it efficiently to generate leads as it requires timely updates and a dedicated budget. However, the “Work from home” culture adopted widely due to the pandemic has given us all some free time to spare. 

Use your time wisely to learn how you can use social media to generate organic leads. Some of the tactics that have helped businesses unleash the power of social media are optimizing social media profiles, create the right call-to-action buttons, adding a great bio that is not only creative but specific, sharing quality original content, using social lead ads, offering gated content, providing discounts, etc.

Offer a free online demo or consultation: Instead of sending written messages to customers, offer a free online demo or consultation. This will help you understand your customer’s requirements and build a rapport. In the demo/consultation, please explain how you can help their business in detail. Focus on the customer’s business and solving their problems instead of selling a product off-the-shelf. 

Launch an email campaign: Email marketing helps communicate with multiple customers at the same time. If used right, email marketing helps turn visitors into leads, leads into customers, and first-time buyers into recurring buyers. The best part of email marketing is that you can automate the entire process — saving time and resources. 

Write informative content and share: Creating quality landing pages, blogs, whitepapers, case studies, etc., and sharing it with your targeted audience will help you become an expert in your industry, build a good reputation, and gain trust. With the help of a great SEO team, you will drive significant traffic to your website and convert your visitors to customers.

Conduct an engaging online workshop or webinar: Gated content is viral on social media. Creating an exclusive group on social media will make your potential customers curious. When they join your group, offer a free online workshop, webinar, or discount to make them feel special. 

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is the way to go in the current scenario. If you think your business can benefit from digital marketing during this global crisis, get in touch with our experts today. Our experts can help you with your next marketing campaign by providing the data you need. Let us help you connect with your potential customers. Contact us for more information.