How to make a mailing list in Gmail?

Gmail is a free email and communications tool for the most part. However, several features from this application are concealed from plain sight, namely, group contacts, email lists, and group mail.

As a modern marketer, you have the opportunity to create several mailing lists and divide them into various groups. This would help you cater to different sets of consumers differently and would eradicate repetitiveness. Most mailing applications typically charge for this feature, but Gmail provides this free of cost.

Nevertheless, this free feature has limitations but will not virtually affect small and medium-sized businesses. The cap for recipients per message in Gmail is 500 email addresses, while the message size is limited to 25MB. This will still allow a small to medium-sized business to have a relatively large email database.

Mentioned below are the steps to make a mailing list in Gmail.

  • Log into Gmail and click on the dropdown located in the top left-hand corner.
  • Click on ‘Contacts.’ This will open a new window where you will find your entire contact list.
  • On the left-hand side, under the menu dropdown, click on ‘Labels’
  • Click on ‘Create your own label.’
  • Type in a name for this label
  • Click on ‘OK,’ and you will now be able to see your new group.

How to add contacts to your Gmail mailing list

  • You can assign members to the group by adding the label to the contact
  • Click on the contact you wish to add
  • Click on ‘Manage Labels’ and choose the desired label to which you wish to assign the contact
  • A pop-up will then appear to confirm that the contact has been added

Now that your email list is created, you can now begin to broadcast emails. Now that you know how to create marketing lists on Gmail make sure you make the best use of this to generate leads and get a grip on your marketing goals.

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