Social Media Marketing: 9 Groovy Trends to Follow in 2023

Social Media Marketing: 9 Groovy Trends to Follow in 2023

Social media has been, ever since the inception of the internet, a place where people could connect with others. From the time of its birth till now, so many changes have taken place and it has evolved into an invaluable tool not just for the common populace, but also for businesses. Since much of the world is now online, this makes it a great way for businesses to market their goods, services, and messages for the entire world to see.

As businesses take their place in the online space, they should take note of the constant changes in technology, customer behavior, etc to maximize their reach and engagement.

Here are the top ten trends for social media marketing for this year 2023.

  1. Storytelling: This might be an old technique, but it’s the most effective in getting a message across. Talking about or showing how a product may benefit the target audience’s life may interest them and make them want to buy the product being sold. 
  1. Long term partnerships: Companies are partnering up with influencers and celebrities for more long-term partnerships instead of having one campaign with the star. 
  1. User Generated Content (UGC): UGC is original brand-specific content created by customers and posted on social media and other channels such as podcasts, images, reviews, videos, etc. This provides authenticity, engagement and participation, and trust to potential customers. 
  1. Video first approach: Videos are highly attractive and very effective in capturing the attention of the audience as it has high visibility. Using videos help brands establish a deeper connection with their audience through human speech, creativity, and storytelling. 
  1. Mobile friendly and shareable: The norm of content in our day is for people to be able to consume it through mobile phones. It’s easy and convenient, and the options for sharing to other devices and social media accounts also increase reach for the brand. 
  1. Tailored Messaging: Personalization has been big for a couple years now, but it’s even more so in 2023. Tailored messages allow brands to reach out to customers’ individual interests and preferences, and make them feel seen and cared for by the brand. 
  1. AI Customer Segmentation: With the advent of AI, a lot of jobs have become easier and customer segmentation is no stranger to it. AI can analyze patterns and behaviours of customers and accordingly segment them to create more targeted campaigns that resonate with their interests, which will increase engagement.
  1. Chatbots and AI Assistants: These little online robots provide personalized customer care on the brand websites. They can quickly provide recommendations, answer questions, and provide relevant information. This can improve the customer experience and increase engagement. 
  1. Funny, Relatable Content: Relatability and authenticity on social media platforms are valuable traits for brands in 2023. Funny and relatable content garner more attention from the audience and are more memorable. They also receive good engagement from customers. 


As brands and people find a common meeting ground on the Internet, this gives rise to many trends. Since the social landscape is ever changing, so are the trends. This list is definitely not exhaustive, so the social marketer has to do more research on trends and customer preferences to determine what would work for the company. 

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