Tips to Convert Visitors Into Leads

An orchestrated Strategy and valuable content make the visitors your leads. You are reading this because you know your website should generate more leads than it is doing. You’re right; the site is your lead generation asset. ‘Strategy comes before tactics.’ You need to know ‘What to do?’ and ‘How to do it?’ before actually doing the task. A stunning landing page with a ‘converting funnel’ is all your website needs to grow and thrive. Planning the look and feel of the website strategically is necessary.

How to attract visitors

It would be best if you convinced them quickly. So, offer the best service to your visitors. You should know if your website fulfils its appeal and value, providing objectives. The architecture and look of your site are enough to please the visitors aesthetically. Seamless navigation and web pages offer valuable information and advice to win the trust and support of visitors. And when they consider you ‘trustworthy,’ they will eventually become your lead.

Entertain the visitors

The intent is to design an easy-to-navigate website that delivers the visitors ‘What they are looking for’. Surfing the web feels excellent, but stumbling through web pages looking for a piece of information that was urgently needed, is daunting. The content should be relevant and tailor-made to suit the wants and needs of your target audience. You need to provide a ‘product story’ that fits right into the context.

People believe in evidence

Once you have visitors on your site, gift them a ‘welcome story.’ Put across your intent and purpose, tell them about yourself and your brand or business. It will be best if you educate them on why they need to trust you and the content and information that you are providing. ‘What are your accomplishments and achievements that make you worthy of listening to?’  sure we don’t listen to everyone.

Call clear Calls-to-Action

Persuade your visitors to exchange their contact information to which, in return, you can provide valuable content. As someone who is a perpetual believer in psychology, I should tell you the impact a design or color scheme can have on your visitors is enormous.  Coloring the ‘Call-to-Action tabs’ orange can massively affect the visitor’s perception of it. Colors give you a feel of what is being talked of.

Depends on your business

Keep your target audience in mind and confirm your content is credible and valid. Not everyone will be concerned with a brick and mortar business, B2B marketing, or whatever kind of business you are into. But the interested people trust and rely on the data you provide, and these people are what makes your ‘target audience.’ Your content has to live up to the expectations of your target audience.

Have a directed laser focus on the problems your visitors are expecting to get a solution to and keeping their needs and wants in mind and deliver highly valuable and tailored content, which is aided by a rich story ascertaining your leadership and expertise. Stories are the best way to convince and persuade, make an inspiring one that exemplifies and illustrates your organization’s bona-fides.

Free giveaways as newsletters or ebooks

It allows your visitors to evaluate your knowledge and expertise. Although these materials are free, you should invest your time and develop them with perfection. It is according to the credibility of these free giveaways that your visitors assess and analyze you and your business. Host free webinars to educate them about your objective; again, ensure quality, value, and disposition. After they attend your webinar, read your eBook, or go through your newsletter, they should feel the satisfaction that they amassed some knowledge out of it, that is beneficial and profitable.

Dare to dream

Your website is not a failure. You need to contribute and add value to your content. The crux of this discussion and the king of the show is ‘adding value with strategy.’ It would be best if you have an orchestrated strategy and valuable content to get leads in an instant. And if you fulfill the equation, you will win the situation. Make the content compelling and let it define your worth.

Extra Tip- Nurture your site

You should keep adding value to your site. The time when you established a website and let it be there for three to four years is gone. You need to continually upgrade, update, and optimize the site according to the dynamic, ever-evolving digital landscape for better conversion rates. Set your goals and aims and achieve them by working diligently, with determination.

  • What quantitative metrics do you aim to achieve?
  • How much traffic do you want to have each month?
  • How many leads do you need?
  • What should your bounce rates be?
  • What should your conversation rates be?

Key Takeaway

To convert your visitors into the lead you need to analyze them. What problem can they be facing? Or what are their needs and wants? What do they expect from you, or what they find you worthy of? Lastly, while establishing your online presence, be prepared. To withstand the competition, you need to observe and take action accordingly.