How to Stay Connected With Your Customers Online While Social Distancing?

The last few days have not been easy. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, most countries are on lockdown and the term “Social Distancing” has gained significant importance. The only way to fight against the deadly virus is to stay indoors and stay physically distant from others. This is the only way to flatten the curve. 

While many people are suffering and hoping to get back to normal life, businesses are battling to stay connected with their customers and lessen the impact of the COVID-19 crisis-especially the small and medium businesses in the industry. 

5 Tips to Stay Connected with your Customers during a Crisis

  1. Send sensitive emails to your customers. Inform them about the changes in your businesses hours, delay in delivery, or the safety precautions you have taken to cope with the crisis. Avoid sending any unwanted emails and respect your customer’s privacy. 
  2. Use this time to address customer complaints/grievances. If you have received feedback, suggestions, or complaints from your customers, now is the time to address them and come up with necessary measures. Let the customers know that their voice matters.
  3. Share educational video content that your customers can watch while they are indoors. For example, if you are a marketer helping clients run successful marketing campaigns, you can share a video of how your clients can use the power of the internet to market online without stepping out of their homes. 
  4. Connect with your customers on social media. Most businesses do not have the time to connect with their customers on social media. Use the time you have in hand to improve your company’s social media presence. 
  5. Talk about your future plans. Let your customers know that there are better days ahead. Inform them about your future plans and events. Give them a reason to get excited. If you run a local spa, consider giving the first few customers a free spa when the lockdown is called off and they can step outside.

The most important thing is to understand your customers and help them through this crisis while you take care of your business. Stay connected. Stay at home.